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Compound Bow For Sale

Are you a budding archer or a hardcore toxiphilite? Have you spent long hours at the archery honing your shot for the bulls eye? Are you looking to up your archery game or are you simply looking for a resounding upgrade of your bow? If yes then you’ve landed at the right place! Welcome to Combat Australia, your one stop destination for the most comprehensive collection of compound bows. Our product inventory, quality testing and customer satisfaction is unparalleled and we challenge you to try it.

After all, you do like a bit of a challenge, which is why you are here. Let’s us fit you with the perfect compound bow most suited to you. The bow is as primitive a tool and a hunting essential as time. However, the design of the bow has evolved tremendously which is now evident in the plethora of different designs available today. We at Combat Australia like to stick to our essentials. Our take on the compound bow is still related to the very core design, a string attached to flexible limbs!

Of course we believe in delivering the very best and technologically advanced bows possible. That is why our group of highly trained engineers has worked with a multitude of permutations of pulleys, cables to lend you a mechanical advantage that significantly ups your game.

Our bows are guaranteed to confer the highest let-off’. We have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to come up with pulley designs that confer a modulating radius featuring multiple cam tracks. Coupled with more than ever durability to a highly rigid construction of limbs, our compound bows offer more draw profiles than most compound bows. In addition, the bows offer minimum energy dissipation in limb movement, meaning a longer throw and even distribution of weight in your shot.

Our compound bows are designed around the core concept of high performance. At the very heart of our construction is competition, target based archery and achieving ever-greater accuracy. Our products are strenuously tested; no two bows are the same. We believe that one compound bow doesn’t fit all. We also recognize that some of our customers might like to tweak their own design; after all if they have to use it then they know better what type of bow they want. This is why our Bear’ , Hoyt’ and Qeust’ series are custom made, tailored to fit your needs and expectations.

We also offer compound bow kits that enable you to get the most of out of our products. These kits compliment our bows and best of all these add-ons are in your hand. At Combat Australia, we realize you know what works best for you. So while we make these kits available; it is up to you to modify the product to your liking.

We challenge you that the construction and versatility of our bows are unparalleled to what you may find anywhere else. Why not try us today and improve your arching lifestyle? Visit us on and find a compound bow for sale today!

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