Ross River Dena lose case seeking consultation on hunting licences


The Ross River Dena Council has lost its court test of Yukon government chasing principles.

Legal advisors for the First Nation needed a court request compelling government meeting before chasing licenses are issued in the Ross River zone.

In a judgment issued a week ago, Yukon Supreme Court Justice Ron Veale said the administration is now doing that.

“There is undoubtedly Environment Yukon has tried proceeding with and broad endeavors to counsel RRDC about untamed life administration in the Ross River Area,” Veale wrote in his Nov. 26 choice, “in spite of the fact that the proof does not set up that this interview happens on a general and prescient premise.”

It’s not the first run through the Dena Council has gone to court to uphold an “obligation to counsel” on the Yukon government.

‘I was terrified’

Gord Zealand, the official executive of the Yukon Fish and Game Association, says Justice Veale’s decision is a “triumph for untamed life.

“I was terrified,” said Zealand. “That is to say, you have a procedure and you surmise that is how you are going to make it work, however in the event that somebody has an autonomous procedure, on the off chance that you have free populaces that are moving starting with one region then onto the next, how are you going to manage that?

“So better believe it, huge help. Huge help.”

The Council won a late test of mineral staking principles, compelling the administration to change the way claims are enlisted. This chasing test looked for a comparable say in how chasing licenses are issued, yet the administration gave proof that the Dena have been working with government untamed life administrators as far back as 1975.

Just as of late has Ross River declined to take part in some administration workshops.

Veale declined to make a request requiring meeting, yet recommended the two sides would improve if those counsels happened consistently, before every chasing season, saying that it would be a successful and dependable method for guaranteeing that Dena cases to title and chasing rights in the Ross River territory are perceived.

Zealand concurred, saying that “the courts is no goddamn place to determine these issues.”

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